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DCK Challenge 2003 
challenge begins on December 1st, 2002 - stops on January 31th, 2003

-> Many regular visitors of the website evoked the good old time of DCK (Demo Construction Kit). After some discussion on atari-forum, we decided to organize a competion with that program.

-> Here are the rules: Make at least 2 screens (may be more). Use DCK only. Don't patch your screens with asm routines. Try to use your own gfx. Don't say other screens suck, don't think your are the best. That's not an atarian behaviour ;)

-> Please note this challenge is done for "fun only". DCK users can't compete with latest demos done on Atari ST, of course. The goal is to have fun creating screens, and to overtake the limits of the program. Take a look at DCK Dream demo to see an example.

-> The competition begins at December 1st 2002. It ends at January 31th 2003. No delay will be tolerated. So I really need to receive *all* screens before January 31th. Once you finish screens, send them to pacidemo@planet-d.net.

-> Everybody will be authorized to vote (even the participants). Only the votes by email will be taken into account. I'll put a small form online on 1st February. Votes will be closed on February 15th. Results will be given on February 16th. A megademo with best productions is planned!

-> Find many DCK Demos on Strider's Website. Take a look at them (french section of the site), some should give good ideas. Good luck to everyone. And don't forget: the challenge is for fun only :)

  1. 1st price: 5 Atari CD-Roms (choice available)
  2. 2nd price: 3 Atari CD-Roms (choice available)
  3. 3rd price: 1 Atari CD-Rom (choice available)

  download the DCK (french + english versions)  

plasma used in DCK DREAM

traditional fx in RYUSE DEMO

fullscreen pic in USA DEMO