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Welcome to PaCidemo area

The PaCidemo area features a list of demos working under SainT & Steem, both great Atari ST emulators. It also contains information about Echo, PaCifiST & WinSTon. All demos can be downloaded and are located on this server by courtesy of Planet-D. If you want to listen to the tune which is played at present, download the ST-Sound plugin.
Initially (4 years ago) this website was only devoted to PaCifiST. After many tests, I've decided to dedicate this homepage to SainT & Steem. Some demos only run with Echo or PaCifiST so they are still available from this site (please report to the tables for more information). But now, only demos compatibles with SainT or Steem will be added here. Jim & Arnaud (both authors of SainT) worked very hard to increase the compatibility listing. Same case for Russel & Anthony Hayward (Steem's author).
I recently finished to add POV' compilations. Some are missing, since a few screens may be corrupted. I have tested them one by one on my real STE and various emulators. I get in touch with MSD, hope he will help me.
I'm a french guy, sorry for the spelling misktakes. My nickname is Brume. You can contact in me for any demos requests (but don't abuse), any comments about this Website or for sending your own productions.
Demos are added frequently, therefore visit often this Website. I'm working at the moment with MC Laser of .tSCc. on a a new project: a collection of CD-Rom including all demos we have collected for a while. This job takes me a long time but I still try to update the PaCidemo area as soon as possible.

Current Web space used: 300 MB (all disks are zipped)
Latest version of SainT: 1.10 (new release from 2002-07-15)
Latest version of Steem: 2.4 (beta version from 2002-07-28)