G r e e t i n g s
to the fraternity
of those who live it

    Do you have already met somebody speaking about ST demos without evoking greetings? As usual, sorry for the guys I forget. Therefore my personal greetings are sent to:

  • Axel F. (MCS) to be a good friend.
  • Bigfoot (MJJ-Prod) for patching the Anomaly Demo and being a real cool guy. Thanks!
  • Bo because he was one of the first demomaker to contact in me some years ago about this Website.
  • Epsilon (OVR/TMS) for his help in finding ST Menu #2. That was great !
  • Flix (Delta Force) because he has sent me some Offbeat's Demos. Union is alive.
  • Frederic Gidouin for coding the first 'real' Atari ST emulator (PaCifiST).
  • Gandalf for helping me to find a cool and great space. Many Thanks :)
  • Grazey (PHF) for Providing UMD on his homepage, and his work about D-Bug Compilations.
  • Jamison Pitcher for his help about my first frames (remember, Jami?)
  • JimB and Leonard (Oxygene), the two authors of SainT. Definitively the best coders on PC/ST!
  • Junior because he is my best friend. Hope he remembers the good old time of swaps on Atari ST! Thanks also for the photo he has given to me last year (she is so lovely...).
  • Keops (Equinox) for his kindness and his reduce of my GIF animation. Wonderful website!
  • Mac Sys Data (POV) for his collection on POV CD.
  • MC Laser (TSCC) for his big collection of ST Demos and his fast reply.
  • MoodST for his support about this website. Thanks a lot!
  • Mr Bee (OVR) for providing an unprotected version of the Delirious Demo II.
  • Mug UK for his great collection of ST Demos.
  • Nick Madsen for his great emulator. Thanks a lot for Echo "PC Team issue #50 special edition" :)
  • Oberje (Fingerbobs) for sending me a rare unfinished screen.
  • Ronnie (PleasureValley) for the incredible flash menu & the animation on the left. Many thanks for your hard work ;-)
  • Skyrace (HMD) to be a real good friend. Hope he will soon reopen his Website ;-)
  • Stefan Matthãus because he has sending me many rare demos and because he is a cool friend.
  • Stick (Ripped Off) for his great Website and Ripped Off compilations. Thanks again for the Gold Award.
  • Tronic (Effect) to be a great coder and a friendly AOL contact. Waiting for the Industrially Safe #31 ;-)
  • Vinz for the beautiful paint in the top left corner. You're the best gfxman, my friend!

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