M J J   P l a y e r

MJJ Player v1.0 
date of release: September 24h, 2002

This is the latest production of MJJ-Prod, one of the most famous french crew of the scene. They are well known for the Anomaly Demo and the MJJ "5%" Slideshow ;-) It features some brilliant graphics painted by c-rem (previously member of Mad Vision, he joined MJJ-Prod in 2002) and Wilfried (he drew the logo of the mainmenu & the other one of the end).
Main code was done by Zorro2 in GFA Basic, using HMS routines and help of Strider. The disk features 16 modules, packed with VMax program. The demo works on STE, Falcon or Steem machine and uses DMA sound.
More information about the player could be found here: MJJ Player homepage (french only). Thanks a lot to MJJ-Prod for this exclusive gift, it's worth a go!
    Modules on the disk are:
  • We're Going In by Skimmer
  • Vectorbobs by 4-Mat
  • Garbage Collection by Peter
  • Bluesong
  • Disconnectionby Mazon
  • Dolly Moon by Alcatraz
  • Powerfull Demo by Maxime
  • Commando by Glide
  • Emily by Spicy
  • He Frog Mix
  • Pardeytime by Hardcore
  • Scoopexong
  • Snap'fuzion by C Dump
  • L.A. By Night by Dr Awesome
  • Union1
  • Yom Kippur by Chaser