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April 27th, 2002 : forum is alive!
Back to the chat :
 Just a short news to let you know that the forum is back! The old one has been deleted some weeks ago by the provider, so we found a new place and registered the domain. We'll work on the design in the next few days, please be patient, it's not perfect ;-)

April 8th, 2002 : site is back!
Welcome back :
 Site and e-mail were down since one week. Planet-d's people found a new place to store all webpages, that's great. Best greetings are sent to them!

 Bad news: if you dropped me an e-mail bewteen April 1st and 6th, I never received it. All emails were deleted. So, if you dropped email and never received answer from me, please send it again. Sorry about that. Thanks ;-)

 I'm working on a major update of the site. Will contains many demos for download, some NPG menus (takes an age to sort intros out), and I'm trying to fix some colors I don't like. Will be ready before the end of the week.

February 2nd, 2002 : ST-Sound for IE 6
Now it works :
 ST-Sound plugin works now perfectly with Internet Explorer 6! Just go on the Leonard's Website, download the ST-Sound plugin and apply the reg-patch. That's good for me, greetings to Thorsten Huber for the patch and thanks to Leo' for the information ;-)

January 29th, 2002 : 29 demos added.
Some words :
 So long time since the last update. I was on PaCigame project, so I feel sorry if you though I gave up PaCidemo. But here it is a new update with a bunch of demos for Steem & SainT! I tested most of these demos with the latest version of Steem (beta version: 2.1b2). Really great edition, the final version must be out really soon. I feel really happy because the main menu of Just Buggin' is now displayed perfectly under Steem! Click here to download all new demos from the same page.
Forum added :
 I also added a forum where you can post requests, files, questions regarding demos, hardware or games. Please visit it and feel free to register (you don't need to register to post, but you're welcome).
Atari ST Demos History :
 And at last but not at least, I want to mention that Flix from Delta Force has updated his website. Really good update, he has also included many demos (main archive is about 32 Mo). Remember that Flix' homepage inspired the creation of PaCidemo. All credit to you, Flix.

Demos added :
-Acid House Remix by Jihad Systems
-Angst by Delta Force
-Anxiously Waiting For The Snork Demo Party Demo by The Firehawks
-Arsenic Demo 2 by Arsenic
-Channel 38 Megademo by Channel 38
-Democrazy by The Germs
-Extreme Rage by Anatomica (STE demo)
-Garcimore Aime Les Moules I (2 disks) by Fantasy
-Garcimore Aime Les Moules II (2 disks) by Fantasy
-Gateway To Hexenland by The Avengers
-Great Techno Compilation by Risk
-Hydroxid Intermedia 93 by Hydroxid
-Lamers by Zuul
-Lost Dentro by Atrocity
-Motley part 1 by Arsenic
-Motley part 2 by Arsenic
-Motley part 3 by Arsenic
-Motley part 4 by Arsenic
-Motley part 5 by Arsenic
-Odd Stuff by Sector One
-Persistence Of Vision #118 (fully working version)
-Reckless Demo by Fanatics
-Ryuse by Epsilon
-Steps - a pile of Tao tunes by Cream
-Thematic Slide Show I v2 by The Coolest Paradise
-Tom & Jerry by Erictronics
-TV Zapping I by Falcon
-TV Zapping II (2 disks) by MST
-Ventura Demo (2 disks) by OVeRlanders