S a i n t   v 0 . 9 9
b e t a   v e r s i o n

That's the new GUI of SainT. It features a background designed by Mon (Oxygene). There is also many new options about display and sound debug.

The intro of the Phaleon doesn't suffer of the crop of the left & right borders. So the icons appear correctly.

SainT v0.99b increases the fullscreen support. Now the text of this screen (taken from the Just Buggin' by ACF) is fully readable.

Same case for the Snork demo (by Future Minds). The main title is almost fully restored (first seen with an emulator).

Probably one of the most beautiful example of fullscreen (demos taken from Bird Mad Girl Show).

Here is one of the most impressive improvment: the screen from MCoder (Hoby One Demo) is displayed perfectly. This coder used his safe-made runtimes, so there is a really challenge in emulating this kind of screen.

One of the full screen into the European Demos, done by the OVeRlanders. Please note that all overscan screens of OVR are correctly displayed.

The main menu of the Just Buggin' (ACF) suffers a minor bug: the sprite doesn't appear. But here is a screenshot anyway, you can see it looks really beautiful under SainT.

Remember the "Go Ahead Make My Bed" screen (Ooh Crickey, Wot A Scorcher). Try it with any other emulator and you will see a big bug while the scrolling. Forget it, SainT is here!