S t e e m   v 1 . 7 0
b e t a   4

European Demos: the main-menu is fully working! And almost all screens are emulated. Wonderful work! Used unprotected version (done by Leonard).

The Ventura Demo is working perfectly, and the mouse is running so in the main-menu. Here is an example...

The famous paint program: Spectrum 512. Created to design images with simple 512 colors on a ST. Steem strikes back.

The BIG Demo: the lower scrolltext is correctly displayed. That's the first emulator able to restore this item on a PC. Well known to be one of the longest scrolltext ever written on Atari.

Nostalgic-Demo, one of the craziest project on ST recently made. Here is another example of Steem's capacities about fullscreen emuation.

Songs That Make You Go Hhmm II (Cream, 1996). Another example of full emulation of colored demos. Tao's tunes are played very well.

Enchanted Land needs a "patch" to run perfectly. That's one of the new features of this version (colored icon on the right of the "I" icon): Steem uses now a patch to run some games.

Maupiti Island, one of the most famous game in France. Another adventure of Jerome Lange. Was really hard to emulate.

A minor bug on this fabulous screen - Best Part Of Creation by Flix from Delta Force, appears on Punish Your Machine - , but it's well displayed. Please note it uses a medium resolution but still have vertical shaped-rasters. A real pleasure to see back this great screen.