"The demo was almost finished when New Mode and Slime (of Delta Force) visited Offbeat in Flix' house and asked them to join Delta Force. They agreed on letting Offbeat release "The Musical Wonder 1991" as their final demo and then join forces with the Union. New Mode put the finished screens together and bundled it with Chaos, Inc.'s protection. In contrast to the preceding Musical Wonder, Big Alec made some of the songs. One screen (using medium resolution for some scanlines) features all digi-drum songs by Mad Max (a technique becoming very popular at thetime). After some long weekends of sync research Offbeat finally figured out how to sync-scroll and uses it extensively in two fullscreens. There is a hidden screen, that can be accessed by pressing the ~ key in the menu. Try to press CLR HOME in this screen to see a hidden picture inserted by New Mode (without the knowledge of Offbeat)."
Flix (Offbeat/Delta Force - 2001)