L a t e s t   u p d a t e s
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November 19th, 2001 : 1st Oxygene Demo!
Demo added :
 I received from Leonard himself an unreleased demo of Oxygene. It's called Oxygene Sound Demo and it was coded at the end of 1990. But it was never spread and never archived before last week. So here is the original verison as it appeared in 1990. Many greetings are sent to Leo' for this incredible gift!
I have also re-uploaded High Fidelity Dreams (Aura) since they was a big mistake with the previous file. Thanks to Flix for the information ;-)

-Braindamage (2 disks) by Aggression & Kruz (STE demo)
-Code A Day by Cybernetics
-Cuddly Demos (original version) by The CareBears
-Generation 4 Challenge : Compilation #1
-Generation 4 Challenge : Compilation #2
-Generation 4 Challenge : TEC Demo by TEC
-Music Dream II by Electronic Image
-Oxygene Sound Demo by Oxygene
-Place To Be Again (2 disks) by Eagles, Eko & Impact
-Persistence Of Vision #129
-Prehistorik Mega-demo (2 disks) by Brosse A Dents
-Transbeauce I (patched) by BushWacKers & co.
-World Of Wonders (2 disks) by Dune & Fantasy
-World Of Wonders by New Power Generation

November 1st, 2001 : 28 disks added & SainT is almost here.
New rumors :
-After a long wait, a new version of SainT is nearly to come. It features more improvements about emulation of megademos, but this version will certainly interest the gamers, too. After testing various beta-versions, it's time to show you some screens and gives you more information. Just click here.
Demos added :
 As promised some demos are compatible with Steem v2.0 only. For instance take a look at V8 Music II or Songs That Make You Go Hhmm II. I just want to thanks once again Leonard (the great) for patching the European Demos. Overscan screens are perfectly emulated under SainT 0.99 (except a bug in the main menu). Download them! Thanks to Cooper for the exclusivity about Thematic Slide Show I, too. Waiting anxiously for the second issue :)

-European Demos (patched - two disks) by OVeRlanders     
-No Cooper by 1984
-Pete (two disks) by Ripped Off
-Songs That Make You Go Hhmm I by The Technical Knock Out
-Songs That Make You Go Hhmm II by Cream
-Swedish New Year demo III by New Core
-Thematic Slide Show I by The Coolest Paradise
-V8 Music System II by V8
-Persistence Of Vision #127
-Persistence Of Vision #144
-Persistence Of Vision #149
-Persistence Of Vision #151 to #165

October 16th, 2001 : latest informations about Steem & new demo patched!
New rumors :
-Have received Steem v1.70 beta 4 from the authors. Incredible! This version is simply incredible! Worth a while to wait some days before the final release. Go to the rumors to learn more... As promised many demos will be available as soon as Steem v1.70 is officialy released!
Demo updated :
-Calimero (new patched version) by Oxygene
This is a new patched version done by Leonard (thanks also to Felx from MJJ-Prod). It runs now under SainT and Steem.

October 6th, 2001 : two little things!
Site change :
-A search engine has been added using the services of Google.
New project :
-I'm working on a new project. Trying to collect rare Compilation Disks of games. Thanks to all people who have helped me. I'd like to trade more disks since I'm always looking for news stuffs :)
Follow this link for more informations (still under construction).

October 1st, 2001 : an other surprise for the year!
Here it is :
-Leonard strikes back with the Phaleon demo! He patched this great megademo to run under emulators like SainT. Many thanx are sent to him for this fabulous work! Think many emulators-lovers were waiting for it.
-He also gives us informations about the development of SainT on his website. Wow, European Demos run on the actual WIP' version of SainT!
Demos added :
-Aromatica by TMS
-Crystalic Collection #1 by Crystalic
-J.M. Jarre In Houston by Ricky
-Little Sounddemo 1 by Animal Mine
-Megafun 3 Party by The Replicants
-Mick's Mix by Brainless Institute
-Phaleon (patched - 4 disks) by Next     
-The Never & Forever Demo by Stew

September 3rd, 2001 : one of the biggest surprises of the year!
You were waiting for it :
-During the last 4 years, I have received so many mails about famous demos which aren't on the site. It seems that everybody was waiting for them. But they didn't work under SainT and other emulators. Today is a great day: here they are finally! Leonard patched them (was originally done to watch at some particular screens under SainT) and they work pretty well now! I just want to send him many thanks :)
-Speaking about Leonard, take a look at his Website: he has broken recently the 16*16 2 bitplans sprite record (197 sprites displayed on the screen). He has also written a review about this record which comes from TCB (1989...). So go there and download the new demo by Leonard!
Demos added :
-Punish You Machine (patched - 2 disks) by Delta Force     
-Syntax Terror (patched) by Delta Force     

August 27th, 2001 : a few demos and more about Steem & WinSTon.
New rumors :
-Latest beta version of Steem increases many features of the emulator. Go to the rumors to learn more... Many demos for this version will be available really soon!
-WinSTon is not dead. Darren Birks & Paul Bates are back! Here are some explanations.
Demos added :
-Choucrout Demo by Adrenaline
-Even Easter by Crystalic
-Himmelfahrtskommando by Digital Crew    (thanks to MoodST for the original disk)
-Look Who's Coding Too by The Giants
-Quartet-Demo II by Spherical    (thanks to the authors for the comments)
-Skinny Puppy by Flexible Front

August 12th, 2001 : about the next version of Steem.
New rumors :
-Russel (co-author of Steem) provides informations about the next release of the emulator. As usual just click here to read them.
-OVeRlanders are back? Beware, it's maybe a fake. Or not. All informations are in the rumors section.

August 4th, 2001 : the best megademo for the Web.
New rumor :
-Ronnie from the PleasureValley is working on a new megademo created with Flash Macromedia. Take a look at the screenshot here.

July 14th, 2001 : changes on the site and new Steem version.
Steem v1.6 is out :
-You can download the new version of Steem on the official site. Since Steem is able to launch many STE demos, I'll add more of them in the next weeks. I move house, so the site will be not updated for a while. But more demos will be avalaible after this period.
More comments by the authors of demos :
-Bigfoot from MJJ-Prod has sent many anecdotes about the creation of the famous Anomaly (2 disks) and MJJ-Prod Party demos. He gives the possibility to discover why he has failed his exam (another ST-beloved guy). As usual, thanks a lot for the anecdotes.
Site change :
-HTML menu added. The site has also been tested with CAB v2.8 and it works fine. Thanks to Bernd Maedicke for the test. Every ST user are now able to enjoy the site, browse the pages and download all demos.
New rumors :
-Click here to discover some informations about the latest project of Tronic. Industrially Safe Demo Disk #31 is on the run.

July 13th, 2001 : 6 Demos added.
Demos added :
-Alpha Demo by CIA    (thanks to Stick for the original disk)
-Beasty Demo Disk Number 1 by The Beast    (thanks to Ricky for the original disk)
-Demounstures Demo by Tos Crew    (thanks to aldn for the original disk)
-Sometimes Bubblebee Flies Higher Than Falcon by Syntax
-Things That Made Us Go " Hmmm.... " by The Watchmen
-Ultimate Music Collector by Mad Vision

July 8th, 2001 : more suprises on the site.
NEW - comments by the authors of demos :
-This site is mainly devoted to the work of ST coders, graphist & musician. It appears obvious that they can take part in its realization. So they can now leave here some comments and anecdotes about the creation of their demos. The first anecdotes are signed by Flix (Offbeat/Delta Force). Take a look at the Musical Wonder 1990 and What Time Is It. Many thanks to him ;-)
More comments written by other great names of the scene will be added really soon.
Site change :
-The new Rumors section is offering various informations about the scene. It provides rumors about emulators (SainT, Steem, ...) and demos. You can read that the summer will be really hot!
-A section called New Demos has been added. It features on the same page all the demos recently uploaded. Should be easier for everyone to dowload the new demos at once.

July 7th, 2001 : 14 demos added.
Demos added :
-Atlantis BBS Demo by Electronic Image
-Back In France (1st version) by NLC
-Dark Trip by Legend
-Fly To Fly by Eagles
-Japemo (updated) by Supremacy
-Pandoras Box by A Clockwork Orange
-Paradise by Dune
-Samantha Slideshow by An Cool & Ra Cool
-ST Connexion Unreleased Demoscreens by ST Connexion
-Stupendous Demo by The Pixel Twins
-The Saw by Off Base
-Ultimate 3D Dots by Impact
-Ultimate GFA Demo II by Anti Assembleur Team
-Waiting For The Apocalypse by LOud!

May 17th, 2001 : bugs fixed.
Site change :
-There was some bugs with the flash menu using Netscape or Opera. The problems have been solved. Thanks to MoodST for his friendly help ;-)

May 16th, 2001 : demos added.
Demos added :
-Double Doozer by Chaos
-Invisible Man (2 disks) by Persistence Of Vision
-Massive Attack by Mad Vision
-Oz Slide 1 & 2 by Persistence Of Vision
-The World Is My Oyster by Aura    (thanks to Grzegorz Stanczyk for the information)
-Persistence Of Vision #121, #122, #123, #124, #125, #126, #128, #130, #131, #132, #133, #134, #135, #136, #137, #138, #139, #140, #141, #142, #143, #145, #146, #147, #148, #150
Site change :
-A flash menu has been added. So the site is now available for various versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer & Opera. Thanks a lot to Ronnie from PleasureValley for this nice work.

April 23 th, 2001 : 25 demos added & site totally modified.
Demos added :
-Audiopac by The X-Troll
-Beachtro by HeMoroiDs
-Beyond DeadLines by New Core
-C-Ex Demo by The Asylum
-Charts 1990 by Next
-Cyberpunk by Network
-F6 v1 & F6 v2 by Cream
-Fractal States by Digi Tallis
-Kidney Bean by Zap Cretion
-Kinky Boots by Persistence Of Vision
-Kookai's Black And White Show 1991 by Kookai
-Le Joli Petit Matin by The Conceptors
-Light Speed by The Untouchables
-M-Demo by Crazy Guy's
-Notech by The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
-Puppet Show by Fantasy & Dune
-Pure As Water by TRR & co.
-Rage by DNS
-Revolution by Stax
-Smile by Digi Tallis
-Stax Hat Keinen Plan by Stax
-Synergy Unfinished Demo by Synergy
-Traou'n Int Ket Bet Graet Ben Bream (2 disks) by Adrenaline
-ULM'93 by Unlimited Matricks
-Y'a Des Moules Dans Le RER by Fantasy
New hidden screen :
-Thanks to felx from MJJ-Prod for the hidden screen about the Anomaly Demo.
More compatible demo  :
-The ULM'93 works perfect with the latest release of SainT (use 'STE' option).
Site change :
-The PaCidemo area has been totally revamped. New design & new sections: FAQ, greetings, listing by author. I have spent a long time for this new version of the site. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact in me for feedback (even if you don't like the new design...).

March 22 th, 2001 : 16 demos added & more results with the new version of SainT.
Demos added : (thanks to Stick from Ripped Off and MoodST for some of the disks)
-Bird Mad Girl Show by The Fraggle's
-Brace by Diamond Design
-Dreams by Animal Mine
-First Age by Cybernetics
-Genesys Demo (remix) by Aenigmatica
-High Fidelity Dreams by Aura
-Imagination by Dynamic Duo
-Mathematiques Squizophrenes by Dune
-New Power Generation Megademo by New Power Generation
-Plucked Goose by MJJ-Prod & Friends
-Prelude Demo by The Mega Four
-Twitching Flannels! by Torment
-Wiz Demo 1 by Wiz
-Wiz Demo 2 by Wiz
-Wolverine Demo by Amadeus Wolf Gang
-World Of Music by New Power Generation
More compatible demos  :
-The latest release of SainT allows to run the Mega Mad Mix Demo (from Bird Mad Girl Show). This incredible demo contains 257 tunes, or something like 8 hours of pure music. With this new version of SainT, you are now able to launch High Fidelity Dreams and Dreams, which use STE sound. Enjoy!

March 16 th, 2001 : new SainT version, and site change.
Demos added :
-Hier Sind Noch Zwei Plaetze Frei by United Forces
-Japtro (4 disks) by Holocaust
-M-Demo I by An Cool
-Reality Is A Lie by Psychonomix    (thanks to MoodST for the information)
-Yo Demo by The Black Cats
-Persistence Of Vision #91, #92, #93, #94, #95, #96, #97, #98, #99, #100, #101, #102, #103, #104, #105, #106, #107, #108, #109, #110, #111, #112, #113, #114, #115, #116, #117, #119, #120
More compatible demos  :
-Thanks must be sent to JimB et Leonard for the new release of SainT. Now the Cakeman Demo, the main menu of the Sowatt Demo and many more demos are fully working.
New hidden screens  :
-There was an hidden screen in the Synthetic Visions from The Art Machine. Thanks a lot to Tangens (the real one, not the impostor) for the information.
-If you want to run the various screens of the Ooh Crickey, Wot A Scorcher, use the 'Manchester' cheat code.
Site change :
-This website now includes a whole list of all demos available here. Go to the Complete listing section.

March 5th, 2001 : 10 demos added.
Demos added :
-A Little Music Demo by Inner Circle & Sonic Projects
-Alliance Demo by The Alliance (German)
-Armistice Demo by Impact
-Cross The Deserts And Through the Mountains Demo by Chronicle
-Fuzion's Sound Demo by Fuzion
-No Bomb Demo by ACCS
-Nostalgic-Demo (update) by Oxygene
-Not So Ultimate Demo by Cat Development
-Rising Force by Holocaust
-ST-NICCC Demo by Oxygene

February 27th, 2001 : 2 demos added & all 2 disks demos are now splitted.
Demos added :
-Modulation II by checkpoint
-Suretrip 49% by Checkpoint
Megademos (on 2 Disks) splitted :
-Anomaly Demo (patched version) by MJJ-Prod
-ATG Megademo by ATG
-Delirious Demo by OVeRlanders
-NTM Demo by Zuul
-Snork by Future Minds

February 25th, 2001 : 2 demos added.
Demos added :
-Mod-player v1.1 by The Coders
-Vodka Demo by Equinox

February 24th, 2001 : the site has finally been updated!
Demos added :
-Anomaly Demo (patched version) by MJJ-Prod
-Blood by Holocaust
-Choice of Gods by Holocaust
-Colorz by HeMoroiDs
-Decade Demo (complete version by Inner Circle
-Electra Demo by Electra
-Flip'O Demo (patched) by Oxygene & Diamond Design
-Hemosound I by HeMoroiDs
-Hemosound II by HeMoroiDs
-Japemo by Supremacy
-M-Demo III by An Cool
-M-Demo IV by An Cool
-Mindbomb by The Lost Boys
-MJJ-Prod Party by MJJ-Prod
-Pandemonium Demos (patched) by Chaos
-Suck My Duck by The Germs
-Summoning Of The Spawn by Digital Justice
-TEC Demo by Tec from V8 (The Empire)
-Things Not To Do by Inner Circle
-Persistence Of Vision #35, #41, #42, #43, #46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90