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May 4th, 2003 : Site is re-open, but it won't be updated anymore

After a bunch of emails and many messages on DHS, Mr Nours and LGD boards,... I had no other choice to open again the site.

It doesn't mean PaCidemo will be updated. It stays an old site (and dead), where you can download many demos and compilations. Nothing else...

I will be back maybe with a new project in the next weeks/months/years, but don't expect it soon. I'm leaving into other universes for a while, I don't know when I'll find a way to come back ;)

Thanks to the friendly emails I received in the last few weeks:

Alex [ICS] - Blood - Caro - Cooper [The Coolest Paradise] - C-rem [MJJ-Prod] - Cyclone [X-Troll] - Darren Birks - Edo [Sector One] - Evil [DHS] - Felx [MJJ-Prod] - Florent Coste - Gadget [MCS] - Grazey [PHF] - Jace [ST Knights] - Jake [Depression] - Lee Marsh - Leonard [Oxygene] - Lotek - Maarten Martens - Mac Sys Data [Persistence Of Vision] - Mirko - MoodST - Moondog [TSCC] - Mr Nours [MJJ-Prod] - Ruthless [Awesome] - Scratchin [The Deliverance] - Sh3 [Reservoir Gods] - Shredder [The Coolest Paradise] - Silver Surfer - Stratagem [Reservoir Gods] - Thys Elroy [WPC] - Tito Teclado - Tonton Bruno - Zorro2 [MJJ-Prod]


April 25th, 2003 : Thanks a lot for your support!

I will answer your emails individually while the week-end, I promise it.

But PaCigame and PaCidemo are really dead, I won't change my mind. I have to quit the scene because of the lack of motivation and because of some personal reasons I can't explain here. Please don't be sad ;) There's still a lot of brilliant websites. And please don't close your site... People will hate me because a lot websites are close (temporarily I hope).

Since some weeks, I have returned to my first passion which has nothing to do with Atari... And I doubt you'd be interested in it. But I will be back maybe a day in some months or some years, working on a new project. Who knows?

Atari-forum.com should be back in a few days. I'll try to visit it sometimes, that's another promise I make here ;)

Thanks to everyone for keeping the scene alive.



April 24th, 2003 : Bye bye PaCidemo...

After 6 years of work on this website, I decide to close it definitively. Please donít be sad, it was a great adventure for me (and you?). I have met many brilliant people, have managed to find rare demos, and hope you discovered some good productions with the help of the site. But itís time to care about other things now. This is a personal choice, sorry...

I will try to continue to answer emails I receive each week, but donít be disappointed if you donít receive prompt answer from me.

This is not a fake close... I already made a bad joke last year, but this time PaCidemo is down for real.

Hope you will still have fun with Atari stuffs as I have. Thanks to everyone for the friendly support along six years...



January 15th, 2003 : new deadline for DCK challenge

Brief lines :
Just some prompt news about the DCK challenge: the deadline has been modified. It's now january 31th, 2003. Some people didn't finished their screens in time, so we decide to push the final date. You still have 16 days in order to finish your both screens or to update the previous demos you already sent (if you like so).

Please keep in mind this challenge is for all atari/emulator users. I received screens from french people only, but *all* countries are welcome of course ;) Information and DCK program are available here.

Good luck to everyone!

USA Demo

DCK Dream

December 1st, 2002 : DCK Challenge + more demos!
DCK Challenge :
First challenge organized here is open. The goal is to create both screens using DCK (Demo Construction Kit). I know most of the coders think this tool is lame... and I agree in a certain sense, because many guys used the program to do crappy screens by the past. But DCK allows to do nice screens, too! DCK Dream is a perfect example to show the capabilities of the program.
I guess I won't repeat enough that this challenge is done for fun only. Nevermind if you think it's a waste of time ;)
At last: More information and DCK program may be found on this page.

New demos :
We were waiting for that demo since a long time (more than 3 years in my case). UMD 8730 is finally here and it's worth watching at it! This is the largest demo ever done on Atari (11 disks!) and it contains 4646 tunes. The intro features one of the longest tune ever composed on Atari ST, and was composed by my favorite musician: TAO of Cream (previously member of ACF). All code was made by Grazey of PHF, and it's an excellent work.
Have added various demos, too. Sweety is one the best DHS productions, and Synthetic Vision is a rare demo by Mug UK. Hope you will enjoy them!

Demos added :
  • AAC MegaMusic 1 by Anti Amiga Crew
  • Everest by The LegioN
  • Excellence In Art 1992 by Excellence In Art
  • Music Collection volume 1 by The Fox
  • Music Show 1 by The Big Birdy & Waldemar Belwon
  • Prime Demo by The Crazy Guy's
  • Spice Girls Demo (2 disks) by Effect
  • Sweety by Dead Hackers Society
  • Synthetic Delights by Mug UK (thanks to Grazey/PHF for the disk)
  • The Arwide by The LegioN
  • Track Mania II by Anatomica & Crystalic
  • UMD 8730 (11 disks) by PHF

  • UMD 8730 by PHF

    Track Mania II by Anatomica & Crystalic

    Synthetic Delights by Mug UK

    Everest by The LegioN

    Sweety by Dead Hackers Society

    September 29th, 2002 : new demos
    New demos :
    After a long wait, here is finally another update of PaCidemo. I know I don't update the site as often as it should be, and I really apologize. I'll try to do better in the next weeks, but there is still a lot of to do with my other website (PaCigame).
    So many more demos are here. Before all, I want to send many greetings to Cooper for the Thematic Slide Show volume II, devoted to Sheryl Crow (he did that demo specially for me, cheers mate).
    Thanks to Russell for working on the patch for the demo called "V8 Music System." That reminds so many good souvenirs, hope V8 dudes will contact me one day...

    MJJ Player exclusive :
    There is a great surprise on the site, and it's called MJJ Player. Have done a brief webpage you can reach by just clicking here. This is an exclusive gift sent by Zorro2 from MJJ-Prod himself. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work my friend!

    Demos added :
  • Agony Slide Show by TSB
  • Bad Taste by Brainless Institute
  • Beat Demo by Frontline
  • Big Tyme (2 disks) by TRR
  • Corporation Megademo by The CorpoRation
  • Death Megademo by Death
  • Digi-Drums by X-Troll
  • Do Things by Cream
  • Enigmatic Obsession II by Flash
  • Headunter by Stonehead
  • Humeur Vitree by HeMoroiDs (fixed version, thanks to Evil/DHS)
  • Leonard -271- Sowatt Sprite Record by Oxygene
  • Madness by Cream
  • MJJ-Player by MJJ-Prod
  • Musique by Excellent In Art
  • Mystic Music 1 by Mystic
  • Neoshow by X-Troll
  • Nuthouse by Sentry
  • September by Unlimited Matricks
  • Space Demo by The MegaBuster
  • SpriteMagic by X-Troll
  • ST Menu #2 by OVeRlanders (fixed version)
  • Swedish New Year demo I by Omega, TCB, Sync
  • Swedish New Year demo II by Omega, TCB, Sync
  • TalkTalk (2 disks) by Excellente In Art
  • Techno Trance volume 1 by B.A.C.
  • Techno Trance volume 2 by B.A.C.
  • The final Swobbler by X-Troll
  • Thematic Slide Show II by The Coolest Paradise
  • Thu Superscroller by The UniHawk
  • V8 Music System I by V8
  • Visions by Zeal
  • When Hifi Dreams Become Reality by The Naughty Bytes
  • Xmas-Demo'91 by Imagina
  • Xmas-Demo'92 by Imagina
  • Xmas'93 by Positivity

  • Agony Slide Show by TSB

    MJJ-Player by MJJ-Prod

    Leonard -271- Sowatt Sprite Record by Oxygene

    The final Swobbler by X-Troll

    Xmas'93 by Positivity

    Thematic Slide Show II by The Coolest Paradise

    Swedish New Year demo I by Omega, TCB, Sync

    July 4th, 2002 : new demos
    New demos for next Steem v2.3 :
    The new release of Steem is almost ready. Hope it will available soon. According to the Steem v2.3 beta 3, I uploaded some demos compatibles it. So here are Upscale, Fly Over Fantasy (hi to RickST from NGC), Lametrop and The Beginning Of The Ending. This megademos will work very well with next release of Steem (be patient). I also added the famous Froggies Over The Fence: there is still some problems with the mouse in the mainmenu, because it is reprogramming the keyboard controller. Not sure it will be resolve in the final version of Steem, but that megademo is so great... it would be a shame not to see on that site ;)
    As always, you can download the whole update here.

    Demos added :
  • Amadeus Demo (2 disks) by Darren Ithell
  • Bedlam by Chaos
  • Bugs In Space (2 disks) by Firste
  • DHS SlideShow by Dead Hackers Society
  • Extasia by The Twins
  • Fly Over Fantasy (2 disks) by Eagles
  • Froggies Over The Fence (3 disks) by WizzFrog (Legacy, ST CNX, OVR)
  • Hardcore Dancefloor by The Wild Boys
  • Humeur Vitree by HeMoroiDs
  • Insomnia by Luzaks Team
  • Lametrop by Zuul
  • Manga Dreams I by ACCS & Sector One
  • Manga Dreams II by ACCS & Sector One
  • Necrosys by HeMoroiDs
  • Nemesis Demo by The MegaLamers
  • Techno Drugs by NLC
  • The Beginning Of The Ending by Off Base
  • Town and Country (2 disks) by Impact
  • Upscale by Ellipse (thanks to MoodST for the disk)
  • Volcanic Mods (2 disks) by Buster & The Beast

  • Froggies Over The Fence (3 disks) by WizzFrog (Legacy, ST CNX, OVR)

    Humeur Vitree by HeMoroiDs

    Fly Over Fantasy (2 disks) by Eagles

    Upscale by Ellipse

    June 26th, 2002 : more than 40 new demos & new YM archive!
    New section :
    Wow, this update took an age to do. But I hope it worth a while. First because the site offers now the complete YM archive. This archive was previously done by Aura's people, but since their site is down and they don't reply to the mails, my friend aldn cares about the files. He worked a long time on the tunes: he converted and re-looped most of them. So the YM archive now features more than 3800 tunes for StSound. Congratulation to aldn for the crazy work he did.

    New demos and updated files :
    You probably noticed than Leonard patched recently the famous Dark Side Of The Spoon for emulators. He removed the protection so this megademo runs now perfectly with SainT and Steem. But Leonard removed a second protection into another demo: The Musical Wonder 91 by Offbeat! Thanks to him, that's a great job :)
    So more demos have been added to the site: more than 40 productions! But some old archives were corrupted. Thanks to Grazey, MC Laser & Leonard for warning me about the troubles. Previously damaged disks were: ModPlayer v1.1 (The Coders), The Second Try (The Art Machine) and Vodka Demo (Equinox). If you downloaded these demos from here, please redo it. The files are safe now 100%.

    Demos added :
  • Adrenalin-UK Module Disk 1 by Adrenalin-UK
  • Adrenalin-UK Module Disk 2 by Adrenalin-UK
  • Amazing Pictures Demo by Immortal Imagination Crew
  • Ambiance by Chaos
  • April Fool by DNT Crew
  • Awakening Of The Gods by Kruz
  • B.I.G. Demo by The EXceptions
  • Believe The Music (2 disks) by Redlite
  • Blitter Mania by Sedma
  • Dangerous Fantaisy by Impact
  • Dark Side Of The Spoon (patched) by Unlimited Matricks
  • Devotion by Excellence In Art
  • Dimensio by Condemned
  • Dreamzone (2 disks) by The Wild Boys
  • Gobi Toons Dunetro by Dune
  • Golden Soundtracker by The Heavy Killers
  • Greenish by Excellence In Art
  • Hackabound by Total Vision
  • If Pigs Could Fly by The SyndiCate
  • Just Fun by Disk Busters Association
  • Just Musix I by Dead Hackers Society
  • Just Musix II (3 disks) by Dead Hackers Society
  • Life's A Beat by Wildfire
  • Megalame Design Demo by The MegaLamers
  • MJJSlide Show by MJJ-Prod
  • Mod-player v1.1 (100 %) by The Coders
  • Musical Wonder 91 (patched) by Offbeat
  • NerdHouse by Sentry
  • NRJ For You 2 (2 disks) by ST Knights
  • Oh No More Froggies by Sector One
  • Overlords Party Disk by Overlords
  • Phantom Demo by Arkham
  • Pleaze Wait by Steel Wings
  • Poverty Demo (2 disks) by Persistence Of Vision
  • Power Rise by Light
  • Songs Of Distant Earth by The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation & Cream
  • ST-Squad Unreleased Demos I by ST-Squad
  • ST-Squad Unreleased Demos II by ST-Squad
  • Synth Dream II by Eternal
  • Systematic Error by Imagina
  • The Second Try (100 %) by The Art Machine
  • Vodka Demo (100 %) by Equinox

  • Dark Side Of The Spoon (patched) by Unlimited Matricks

    Musical Wonder 91 (patched) by Offbeat

    Vodka Demo (100 %) by Equinox

    B.I.G. Demo by The EXceptions

    NRJ For You 2 (2 disks) by ST Knights

    Songs Of Distant Earth by The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation & Cream

    Adrenalin-UK Module Disk 1 by Adrenalin-UK

    Synth Dream II by Eternal

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